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Monday, 28 May 2012 10:23

VBC aims to recruit new members in order to achieve her goals in an effective way. Your participation and financial contribution will supports the VBC in achieving its objective of creating a healthy investment climate and where necessary improve this climate. The growing economy resulting from this will also benefit your company.

The VBC invites you to join this unique organization representing the free private business community on Curaçao, either as an independent business or as a business association.

VBC offers the following membership categories:



Contribution amount

  • Major

> NAƒ 5.000 per year

  • Big

NAƒ 3.500 per year

  • Medium size

NAƒ 1.500 per year

  • Small

NAƒ 750 per year


Membership benefits

Membership benefits include:

  • Practical services and relevant information for day to day business.
  • Opportunity to be heard on matters of economic and social importance.
  • Effective lobby vis-a-vis government and trade unions.
  • Participation in commission work, where expertise is given and received.
  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs from all segments of the business community.
  • Newsletter and press releases of issues relevant for the business sector.
  • Lectures and topics about actual subjects.
  • Office support and member services.
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